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What are the significant advantages of drone plant protection?

(1) High operating efficiency: The plant protection drone can complete 1-3 mu of pesticide spraying operations per minute, which is 40-80 times that of a human.

(2) High operational safety: Plant protection and flight control realize the separation of human and medicine. Through ground remote control or GPS flight control operation, spraying operators can operate remotely to avoid the danger of exposure to pesticides.

(3) Water-saving, medicine-saving and environmental protection: Manual operations generally use more than 30L of liquid medicine per mu, and about 1L of liquid medicine for plant protection flying and preventing acre; the artificial speed is slow, and the insect pests spread quickly. Hit several times, and the drone plant protection operation speed is fast, one operation can achieve the purpose in a short time, the insect kills speed is fast, the harm to the atmosphere, soil and crops is low, and the RTK navigation technology can be used for precise operation and uniform application of pesticides, etc. , Medicine-saving and environmental protection are obvious.

(4) Manual is irreplaceable: For crops such as near maturity, tall poles, vines and other crops and complex terrain and paddy fields, manual and tractor towed sprayers cannot operate. The advantages of plant protection drones for high-altitude operations are highlighted.

(5) Good control effect: As the plant protection UAV adopts ultra-low-volume spraying method, in the plant protection flying control operation, the flying control operation height is low, and the drift is small. The downward airflow generated by the rotor when spraying pesticides helps to increase the logistics Penetration of crops.

(6) It can be operated at night: the plant protection drug is attached to the surface of the plant through the liquid. The liquid is easy to evaporate when the temperature is high during the day and the sun is directly exposed to the sun. The operation effect is far inferior to the low temperature operation at night. Manual night operation is difficult, and the plant protection drone is not restricted.

(7) Accurate operation can be achieved: The plant protection unmanned helicopter has autonomous navigation and intelligent navigation functions using RTK integrated navigation technology, which can clearly understand the operation control of the plant protection UAV, intelligent flight and precise operation.

(8) Group prevention and group control can be achieved: for regional outbreaks of diseases and insect pests, early warning level response is adopted, and plant protection drones can use group prevention and group control for centralized prevention and control to quickly eliminate regional pests and diseases.

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