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Mooring hovering UAV system

Mooring hovering UAV system

Automatic cable retracting and releasing system

Automatic cable retracting and releasing system

Compatible with 20+ UAV

Compatible with 20+ UAV

All-in-one base station

All-in-one base station

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MYUAV®Tethered Hovering UAV sytem was established in 2018. It’s committed to the research and development, production and application of industrial-grade tethered hovering UAV systems, multi-rotor UAVs and high-power airborne step-down power supplies. Headquartered in Nanjing Jiangbei New District. All the R&D team members are come from mainly doctors and masters, focusing on aviation technology and power technology. The company is a technology company integrating independent…… Learn more +

The development history of tethered UAV system

We are constantly making breakthroughs and focusing on many years of experience in the field of drones

Tethered hovering drone system display
  • 1.Products are sold domestically and exported to the Middle East, North America, East Asia and other countries
  • 2.Released Max.3.5kw ultra-light 100% localized cabled drone onboard power supply
  • 3.Released 100% domestically produced 6-rotor UAV system
  • 4.Released Max.300m, 15kg tethered UAV system
  • 5.Released Max.100m, 5kg tethered UAV system
  • 6.Released an integrated ground base station for tethered drones

Application cases of UAV

UAVs are used in forest fire prevention, anti-terrorism and explosion-proof, maritime inspection, power inspection, environmental protection, land and resources

Forest fire prevention

The drone is equipped with infrared and thermal imaging pan/tilt, which can perfectly intelligently identify and monitor fires with cutting-edge HD effects

Anti-terrorism and explosion protection

UAVs are used for large-scale event security, target building protection, and group emergencies handling

Maritime inspection

UAV maritime inspections, enhance maritime supervision capabilities, and create a water-shore-air maritime three-dimensional supervision system

Power inspection

UAV used in power inspection can greatly improve the speed and efficiency of power maintenance and repair

Environmental protection

UAVs can be used in environmental protection fields such as environmental monitoring, environmental emergency, ecological protection, etc.

Land Resources

UAVs are used in land and resources supervision to enhance the predictability of resource development, environmental protection and disaster prevention

Focus on UAV information

Always pay attention to UAV related information, work together with you to create brilliant!

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