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Four standards for drone use

Under the new regulations, drones also need to meet the following four usage standards:

One: Must register with real name:

Except for micro drones, all drones need to be registered, and the drones must be marked with a post-registration mark. The information for real-name authentication shall be shared with both the flight management department and the public security department.

Two: Familiar with the rules of flight:

Light-duty UAVs do not need a flight license for the time being, but they must understand and master the corresponding risks brought by UAVs. They must abide by the rules of flight and be familiar with the operation procedures of UAVs. Light-duty UAVs that have reliable surveillance capabilities and airspace maintenance capabilities, and are always flying within the crew’s visual range, do not need to apply for a flight plan in the designated allowable flight airspace. If there are other circumstances, you must apply for a flight plan in accordance with the regulations.

Three: High limit flight:

Except for flight control departments in important areas other than important targets, government agencies, etc., the flight height should be paid attention to. In densely populated areas such as airports, stations, and squares, the upper limit usually cannot exceed 120 meters.

4: No night driving

In principle, drones cannot be driven at night. Drones are not allowed to carry prohibited items, dangerous items and other unauthorized items, nor are they allowed to throw items or spray liquids on the ground. The new policy clearly stipulates that drones are prohibited from flying in moving vehicles or airplanes.

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