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What are the reasons that affect the operation of drones?

First. Weather environment

The impact of weather on drone aerial photography is the largest factor in addition to the equipment. If the weather is clear and the visibility is high, the aerial image will be clear. If it is about to rain or thunder, please be careful Let's pack the drone and go home. Thunderstorms and rain have a great impact on the drone. It is recommended to fly when it clears just after the rain, this time is the best time for flying aerial photography.

Second, wind

Frequent turbulence and wind shear, if the wind speed is greater than level 3, it is recommended not to fly as much as possible. The impact of wind on the drone is the greatest. Strokes are common in daily life. The gentle wind in a single direction is for pilots. It is relatively common and easy to overcome, but if there is a turbulent wind and wind shear, it will be very demanding for the pilot. It is recommended that if you are interested in this area and do it as a professional, you can go for professional training and get a professional flight. license.

Three, GPS

UAVs are positioned by GPS. Many stability maintenance devices of UAVs are based on GPS for positioning and stability. Therefore, it is recommended not to fly in places with weak GPS signals or high interference. UAVs cannot use GPS to locate and stabilize themselves accident. If it is a posture pilot, please ignore this paragraph.

Fourth, the drone's own hardware

The drone should be inspected before flying to check whether the propeller is damaged, whether the fuselage is damaged, whether the battery is sufficient, whether the remote controller is sufficiently charged, whether the flight control image transmission is normal, set the home point, and fly low after takeoff Check whether the drone's flight attitude is normal, and whether the compass and GPS connections are normal.

5. Standing position

Novices should try not to fly too close to densely wooded places. Too many obstructions are prone to collision accidents. Try to choose a place with an open and wide field of vision where the pilots stand, so that collisions and crashes will not occur when the drone returns automatically. Accident.

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