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How to install drone countermeasure equipment correctly?

UAV countermeasures can automatically drive away UAVs in the frequency range of 1.5G/2.4G/5.8G within a radius of one kilometer, prohibiting UAVs from illegally entering the area to be shielded, or automatically shielding photos (black screen state). So what issues should be paid attention to when installing drone countermeasures?

1. To install a fixed station drone, first select the installation location, and choose the top of the height to install in the area that needs to be covered, or to cover all directions at the height of the opposite side.

2. When installing the anti-measurement equipment of the fixed station UAV, the connector at the antenna or connecting rod must be tightened with a wrench. If the antenna is not installed, it is forbidden to turn it on, and the host module will be burned out.

3. When installing drones in fixed stations, pay attention to outdoor waterproofing. It is forbidden to install drones in places where water is easy to accumulate, or install drones horizontally, which will easily burn the host when water enters.

4. After the fixed station UAV anti-measurement equipment is fixedly installed, adjust the antenna launch angle according to the site requirements, and test whether the mobile phone equipment is turned on and whether the power on signal completely covers the shielded area.

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