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How much do you know about the key technologies of drones?

Power technology

Endurance is currently a major obstacle restricting the development of UAVs. Consumer-grade multi-rotor endurance is basically about 20 minutes. Users have to carry multiple batteries for backup when flying out, which causes great inconvenience in operation. UAVs must achieve breakthroughs in power to reach new revolutionary heights.

navigation technology

UAV navigation is another area of technology that requires a lot of innovation. Currently, GPS is used to direct the flight of drones, but this technology obviously has several shortcomings. GPS is often not very efficient in densely populated environments like jungles and wetlands. When GPS is exploring these places, this will have a negative impact on the drone's journey design.

Control System

Some drones are easily disturbed during travel, and control technology will be the key to drone technology. These technologies are used to manage the UAV's adaptability when it is affected by different elements: such as overspeed, humidity and environment. Without these control systems, the movement of the UAV will be difficult to manage.

Communication Systems

Like any other aircraft, interactive technology is very important for unmanned aircraft. They are used by operators on the ground to get in touch with the drone and give the necessary guidelines. However, the problem with interactive technologies is that they only keep in touch with drones.

Similar to the control system and interactive technology, the communication system of drones also needs a firewall, which makes them impossible to be hijacked.

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